Contemporary Weekend House - Published 2011
Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

This 2700 SF vacation house developed in response to the character of the site, near the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the spare but playful contemporary sensibilities of our clients. The house is nestled into its sloping wooded site, barely visible from across the pond it looks out over. Visitors approach via a woodland path and cross a simple bridge to the house. The house design takes advantage of the sloping site by fully utilizing the lower level. Orientation of the structure takes advantage of Southern sun and Western views.

Although the house is not large, it was laid out and zoned carefully to meet the needs of vacationing clients with frequent guests. The principle living spaces are very open and flowing, with dramatic expanses of glass and strong connections to wrapping decks and a screen porch. Ample and durable Entry and Mudroom space was developed to handle frequent arrivals & departures; storage near the entry accommodates outdoor gear for all seasons. The upper level is exclusively the domain of the Master Suite, with gently curving roofs lifting to the view. Three Guest Bedrooms are located on the lowest level, allowing for complete privacy between hosts and guests.

This project was published in Fine Homebuilding's August/September 2008 issue featuring the home's welcoming bridge and curved entrance canopy.

The house was most recently published in the Dec. 4th 2011 edition of the Boston Globe Magazine featuring a Ski House Built for Guests

G.C.: Ron Fadden Builders, North Haverill, NH.

Photos by Rob Karosis

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