Pi Smith and John Vansant founded Smith & Vansant Architects in 1994. Over the intervening years we have been joined by a group of wonderful, talented individuals with diverse strengths and shared values. As a team, we provide excellent design, management, and communication skills and an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of construction. With a total staff ranging from five to seven people, all of whom have Masters of Architecture degrees, we are equipped to handle projects of varying scale and complexity. We have been privileged to work throughout New England, and occasionally beyond. Members of the firm are licensed as Vermont architects, New Hampshire architects or both.


As architects, we are committed to respecting the needs, desires, and budgets of our clients. Unencumbered by rigid adherence to a particular architectural style, we prefer that our designs evolve from an appreciation of site and context, while responding to the functional and esthetic priorities of our clients. Our work is characterized by careful attention to proportion, detail, materials, and lighting. Overarching goals of our practice include use of sustainable technologies & materials wherever possible, and the creation of buildings which are both durable and beautiful. We place a very high value on listening to and collaborating with our clients. At the same time we understand that we need to provide ongoing leadership and education to our clients and communities in order to champion high quality design, craftsmanship, and respect for the environment, both built and natural.

Understanding the goals, dreams, issues and constraints related to each project and community we work with is of paramount importance to us. We see architecture as a synthesis of the contributions of the many people involved: clients, architects, engineers, specialized consultants, and contractors. Our training and experience enable us to provide design leadership and facilitate the planning and design process, but always within the context of being responsive to the needs of our clients. Our goal is to make projects actually happen; we appreciate that budget parameters must be taken very seriously in order to achieve this.

It is our intent as architects to create spaces that are a joy to use or inhabit and a tribute to what design and building can achieve together.